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This is in reference to our earlier annoucement regarding the change with our Business and Enterprise Email product.

The product is undergoing a change and as a result, the Drive feature will no longer be supported. The Drive feature, that lets you store files in the cloud, will be deprecated from 12th April 2020 onwards.

To assist users to retain their data, we have added a tool as "Download Entire Folder" in the webmail (view snapshot). We encourage you to help your customers & email account users to use this tool and download the contents to avoid any inconvenience later. Also, it is strongly recommended to stop uploading any further content to the Drive because all the data will become inaccessible post 12th April 2020


Please note, this deprecation only affects the Drive feature and its contents. The emails are NOT impacted in any way.

If you have any questions or concerns about the change, please contact us at

Team Mind Hosting

mercredi, avril 8, 2020

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